Company Solutions

Northern Lights Audio has a variety of solutions for any sized company, whether small-medium or large corporation, we offer products in all price ranges with great quality in mind. We have audio & video equipment for all the workplaces, but not limited to receptions and meeting rooms.

Whether you want flat screen panels sliding in & out of your meeting room desk or something else you might have in mind, we are there to implement your ideas. 

The AVC Group (Elan, Aton, Sunfire, Niles and Xantech) comprise one solution for NLH in audio and video distribution. Medium, Abrigal, Element one and ITC offer another outlet for Video and accessories and all around solutions. 

BeyerDynamic and Bouyer offer our customers conference, call systems and meeting room solution including airports, ships and government buildings.

PA Systems from DAS, Cerwin Vega and Arx round out our company offerings and give our customers a one stop source in NLH.