ALBIRAL is a Spanish private company dedicated to the design, manufacturing and distribution of flat screen display solutions addressed to a wide range of professional applications such as broadcast, digital signage, control rooms, corporate and CCTV.

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Aquavision are the pioneers of the waterproof bathroom television having launched their first waterproof television more than ten years ago. With a range of screen sizes spanning 10.4” to 46” Aquavision has a wide selection of models and features unmatched by any competitor.

Arthur Holm

Arthur Holm is a registered brand name of Albiral Display Solutions, formerly known as Avialec (Aviation and Electronics).

Albiral Display Solutions has been in business for more than 40 years and is known for its innovation and competence in the manufacturing of TV sets, car radio, ventilation control systems, ultra light airplanes, aviation lightning and mechanical automation solutions through the years.

ARX Systems Pty LTD.

Live sound and studio interface product, mic-pre´s  and processors manufactured in Australia.

Arx Systems

ATON's system technologies are built on years of expertise in Audio and Video Routing, Control Systems and Loudspeaker Design. This combined knowledge has led to a comprehensive new line of Digital Signal Routing Products, Radio Frequency and Infrared Control Systems, and Architectural Speakers that provide affordable and innovative house-wide entertainment for consumers.


BARIX is a skills-based company offering expertise in leading-edge, IP- based communications and control technology. The company is based in Zurich/Switzerland and specialises in the research, development and production of system components for applications in Pro Audio, Security and Automation.


Speakers from Belgium - PA and live


Since the Eugen Beyer electrical engineering factory was founded in 1924, beyerdynamic has been synonymous with German-made applied high technology in the professional audio electronics sector.

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Bouyer public address system products are hard-wearing and reliable because they have to be able to work without interruption in aggressive environments or when exposed to bad weather. They are often the final link in a global security system. Therefore, they have to conform to the highest standards of reliability and toughness.

Bouyer’s development capabilities give Bouyer products unique technical characteristics in the market for public address systems.

Celestion Audio

Celestion are renowned for high quality loudspeakers, used on stage and in clubs, theatres and other venues the world over.

From our early radio loudspeakers to complex sound reinforcement systems, Celestion speakers have helped to shape the history of sound reproduction.

Cerwin Vega

Can a loudspeaker actually heighten your sense of creativity and accomplishment? Can high-performance sound and outstanding value exist together? Will your next speakers have a real titanium compression driver and the advantage of a real plywood enclosure? Will your next speakers look, sound and feel as good a year from now as they did the day you bought them? They will with Cerwin-Vega.


After almost 40 years of intense activity in the world of audio, D.A.S. has acquired a valuable know-how in the development and manufacture of sound reinforcement systems.

Recognized around the world for its quality products and customer oriented service, the company's highly qualified staff is dedicated to designing and building an extensive line-up of products used wherever reliability and sound quality are requisite.

Elan Home Systems

ELAN Home Systems has manufactured innovative multi-room audio/video systems since 1989. Our systems were the first to integrate music, intercom and television distribution features that used the homeowner’s stereos, televisions and telephones to create the entire home entertainment experience.

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Element One

ELEMENT ONE is a manufacturer who has been inspired to develop the concept of fully retractable flatscreen monitors which can be integrated into desk surfaces and housings. Monitors which seem to appear from nowhere and then miraculously disappear again. All that’s left behind is a lasting impression.


Founded in 1971, Eventide is a leading developer and manufacturer of digital audio processing products for recording, broadcast, and live performance, as well as, digital communications products for public safety institutions. Headquartered in Little Ferry, NJ, Eventide invented the first digital logging recorder in 1989, and introduced the H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer effects processor in 1987.

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Furman Audio

Furman has been producing high-quality products since 1974. Our products fall into three broad categories: the professional audio and video signal processors on which the company was founded, the trusted AC power conditioning and distribution products for which we are best known, and the innovative energy management solutions which utilize our revolutionary BlueBOLT® cloud-based platform.

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Home Cinema Modules

Home theatre and comfort chairs and seats for entertaining and getting engrossed in a show, all the comfort you need.

Induction Dynamics

Induction Dynamics® designs and builds high-end loudspeakers with only the most select components and materials; and utilizes numerous unique and proven technologies including exclusive, patented S4X Driver-Control Technology and other patents issued or pending.


Induction Dynamics®' extensive line of high-end loudspeakers are available through a nationwide network of authorized dealers.

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ITC 10

I.T.C. (International Trading Company) is a Belgian trading company founded in 1976. We sell to traders our own products like Olympe, Beta 3 or Sphynx as well as products from companies we represent such as Celestion and DJ-Tech. We import and sell more than 1 200 articles (more than 1500 m² stock) such as flight-boxes, multimeters, loudspeakers, amplifi ers, guitars, lamp magnifying glasses, and many other products.

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LabGruppen from Sweden is one of the foremost makers of power amplifiers and exclusively used by Iron Maiden on tour. Power is LabGruppens first, middle and last name with amps screaming to 14000 watts per channel.


Medium is main supplier og beamers, screens and flatscreens for NLH and also has a full assortment of School equipment stands and more.

Niles Audio

Speakers and sound distribution systems for companies, homes and home theaters. Featuring in-wall as well as shelf style speakers and environmental speakers.

Niles Audio
Olympe Audio

Amplifiers and Speakers

Phase Technology

The MSE Audio companies represent the pinnacle of technology in the premium home theater, distributed audio and commercial markets.Through the development of new technologies, creativity and bringing innovation to the market, MSE Audio is constantly advancing the performance of sound reproduction. Our products continuously receive accolades from the press, consumers and the industry.


Proficient Audio products are designed for the way people live now. Every Proficient product is the work of our team of dedicated audio enthusiast engineers and talented industrial designers. So every one delivers great looks and satisfying sound.


Solid Drive

Solid Drive produces high power drivers for in-wall or behind component installations.

Soundtube Entertainment

It’s the philosophy that drives SoundTube Entertainment to constantly establish new standards for quality, innovation and value.

No other speaker company takes the same approach to developing technology, bringing innovation to market and celebrating creativity in everything it does. Because of that, SoundTube continues to introduce products no other speaker company can match.


The history of SpeakerCraft is a story of innovation, determination and a drive to provide technology that makes a difference in the lives of their customers. From its genesis over thirty years ago as a small retail storefront the company later began producing loudspeakers for motor homes. This led to SpeakerCraft creating the first in-wall speaker and in doing so igniting an industry.


Sphynx Audio Systems

DJ and Sound equipment from Belgium.


Stanton Magnetics is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of professional audio products for club, mobile DJs and turntablists. The company’s product range includes turntables, high-performance cartridges, CD players, DJ mixers, accessories and the innovative SC System Controller products. With over 50 years of innovation, Stanton is the name DJ’s trust.


How did we get here in the first place?1965 – Carver's earliest years of validating the latest audio technologies and looking for unconventional approaches to amplifier design The year was 1972. And a graduate student named Bob Carver was about to turn an ordinary classroom assignment into the beginning of an iconic brand of home audio products. That assignment-to build a machine that would simulate earthquakes-became the springboard for a four-decade run of innovative 'firsts' and 'onlys' that have continually raised the benchmark for the entire home audio industry.


Zeta Display

The ZetaDisplays solutions for Last Meter Marketingare not restricted to one particular sector or environment. This is not only about retail business solutions, but is at least as applicable to signage in public places and other areas where large numbers of people pass by.

Axis Communications

Axis is an IT company offering network video solutions for professional installations The company is the global market leader in network video, driving the ongoing shift from analog to digital video surveillance.

Axis develops and markets innovative network video products i.e. surveillance cameras for installations in schools, in retail, on buses and trains, and for public surveillance.

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Cambridge Audio

Cambridge Audio has a rich history of developing innovative home entertainment products designed to capture every last drop of detail from your favourite music and movies.Every product bearing our name is created at our London research and development centre by a team of passionate, zealous and committed engineers who share a wealth of live music and sound production experience.And whilst the way we enjoy home entertainment has changed dramatically over the years, neither time nor new technology can dampen the emotional power of a perfectly-reproduced song or favourite movie soundtrack.


Renowned for its unique design and ingeniously constructed products, the Revox brand offers the ultimate in multi-system philosophy that whatever the function, whatever the technology anything is possible. Pivotal to this Revox philosophy is a drive to create no-fuss, minimalistic solutions, unique the world over in terms of technological edge and unparalleled Revox professionalism. Revox: putting function and fascination into entertainment.